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We have good news on the advocacy front. In Nov 2018, the American Public Health Association (APHA) adopted policy 12 statements one of which addresses family-child separation at the US border.

Policy statement  LB-18-12 opposes family-child separation and calls for action by  federal officials, agencies, and contractual partners, to offer culturally competent resources and support to reunite separated families.  It also “urges public and private funding agencies to support additional research to understand the mental, physical, spiritual and cultural consequences of separating families.”
Policy statements give guidance to advocacy across the United States from the public health community and allies. As we move towards reform of existing laws and policy, it is important to recognize APHA as a resource to the states and eyes in DC on this issue.
For more information, see link and scroll down to  LB-18-12 Opposing family-child separations at the U.S. border at


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