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My beautiful, precious granddaughter was born on Tuesday July 3, 2018.  As I held the sweet, soft, half-Mexican bundle, I thought, “What would I do if officers wearing handcuffs and guns, yelling at me in a strange language, tried to pry her away from me?  What would they do to her?  Who would love her and cuddle her?  Who would give her a world of love and care?  How would I ever find her again without resources?”


I looked at my inquisitive, active, happy, five-year-old half-Mexican grandson and thought, “What if he were torn away from me by armed officers who yelled at him in a strange language, confiscated and threw away all of his meager possessions – clothes and toys – so that he was left with a thin sleeping pad, Mylar blanket, and cage walls to stare at all day and all night?  No siblings or parents to hug.”


This scenario has been played out in the past month for thousands and thousands of children.  They have been ripped from their parents’ and siblings’ arms and shipped off in trains to 100 shelters in 17 states, echoing Nazi tactics and destroying children’s trust, love, and sense of family for generations.  Private prisons are benefitting from the $800 per day cost to house children with no changes of clothes, no toys, no sleeping comforts, no entertainment or education, and feed them cooked noodles and water three times a day.


Immigrant children as young as three years old, whose parents were escaping untenable horrors in their native countries, are being ordered alone into American courts for their own deportation proceedings.  They are still in diapers and do not understand English.


Below are some ways that you can help.  Check for rallies, protests, and events.  You are also welcome to attend the next UNCAGE and REUNITE meeting at the LD18 Dems office, Friday July 13, 4-6pm, to join groups that have formed to take specific actions.

Please, please go beyond outrage.  Take the next step to action.  Outrage in the Trump era is ineffective raging against people who have neither humanity nor compassion.  Take action.


Dr Janie Hydrick-Chair

LD18 Democrats


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